DNS Java Search

I've always had to lookup current status of domain names for clients. Recently I decided why not create my own tools to help with the task.

Live Example

Java documentation.

See the code below.


Letter to OpenDNS

We are in the process of switching away from OpenDNS we will not use the free or pay OpenDNS product.

We are going to use DNSredirector + google DNS.

I believe bait and switch business plans are unethical and poor business.  I will not support such a business.  OpenDNS *had* a great name in the education and non-profit world.  Now you have a rotten name.

So long.

Shaun Loether

Why to stop using OpenDNS

OpenDNS Sucks for


We are prepared to stop using OpenDNS before March 15th.  We are going to use a competitors product DNSredirector + google DNS.  It is a far superior combo.  with Google DNS we don't have to deal with your ad supported typo and block pages and with DNSredirector we have the same protection.  DNSredir is only $20, for all 10 of our locations and hundreds of users.

All of that not to mention the high pressure bait and switch business plan.  I'm going to talk to all of the Houston area schools and non-profits we do business with and make sure they know there all better quality, far cheaper alternatives to openDNS.

OpenDNS turns goodwill to bad.

OpenDNS Sucks, OpenDNS Stinks, Do Not Want.

Rant: OpenDNS sucks - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

OpenDNS Deluxe Dropped, Price Increase by 900%

Happy IPv6 Day

NetStar, my otherwise excellent colo facility, does not yet offer IPv6 addresses. However my firewall and servers are all set up and ready for the transition. Follow the festivities on Slashdot.
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